How to prepare a good preseason?

One of the objectives of any professional coach is the pre-season. It is one of the most important stretches for a team, since it is the period of time in which the players meet again with the rest of their teammates and with the coaching staff with the aim of preparing for the new season.

They usually last a month or a month and a half, where various general tasks are prepared and friendly matches are usually held against rivals of a level equal to that of the team or in some cases higher, to increase the workload of the teams, and in this way, prepare the team for the real competition matches.

In some cases, we find coaches who use this period, and these different training sessions to make their players suffer, in order to get back in shape after the holidays.

We have to keep in mind that in Preseason, we are taking into account different important connotations, since in a preseason we will not be able to increase workloads.


At FutbolLab we believe that when preparing a good preseason we must take into account a series of concepts that are important for the development of the collective good.

Things to keep in mind:


The preseason is one of the periods of the season, where the players are at greater risk of being injured, therefore, it is important to prevent injuries.

We must emphasize that not all players arrive in the best shape to the preseason, since some may arrive in excellent physical shape, while others may arrive overweight.

In addition, other players may arrive with injuries from the past year.

That is why the first week it will be essential to correctly recompose the structure of each player, placing more emphasis on the following points:

  • Hip, spine and ankle mobility work
  • Activation and strengthening of the core and lumbopelvic complex
  • Quality work of movement and controls of technical gestures such as jumps and changes of direction.


One of the most complicated tasks to carry out in preseason is the construction of the game model.

To carry out a good construction of the game model, we must take into account that during the preseason and in its planning, we will have more time, with a greater number of sessions.

and less competitive pressure to be able to present the model to our players.

This work will be trial and error, so starting as soon as possible gives us essential time for the start of the championship.


Introduce concepts from greatest to least. Beginning of the macro to micro concepts of the game model, working on the basic principles of the game to correct it together with our players

the errors that may appear and incorporate new concepts in each training as we consolidate the previous ones.

The worked model will be worked on during the preseason, with the main objective of arriving at the start of the championship in the best possible conditions, as well as arriving in excellent physical shape.


  • Introduce basic concepts of our game models based on our team.
  • Start with the macro and grow towards the micro.
  • Arrive at the beginning of the season with the game model worked.
  • The friendly matches will be fundamental for the group, so that they automate concepts and get sensations in terms of the game model.

One of the factors to highlight is that the group trusts the game model worked on, since it will be the group that will carry it out on the field.


Another fundamental aspect must be the prevention of injuries, physical preparation must be focused on two main concepts:

  • Put the player in tune with the requirements of the team, that is, avoid leaks that may exist and adapt the level of each player.
  • Work the demands that may appear in competition to the study and the demands that our game model demands.

Contextualized physical preparation with the team and with our game model can be approached through the introduction of reduced games. These must be based on our game model where the work of the different physical abilities with integrated tasks is proposed.


Finally, as a final objective, we find group cohesion work, a good strategy to maintain excellent dynamics throughout the season.

We will achieve this by introducing tasks where various emotional-volitional structures of the player are worked on. In order to achieve the following, it will be paramount:

  • Form a good human group
  • Strengthen ties for the good understanding of the team on and off the field
  • Introduce new members to the group and make them part of it.

We recommend this video in which our director explains how to approach training.


All the planning revolves around the preseason. At no time is reference made to the planning of the season or the competitive period.

That is why it occupies a fundamental role in professional teams, likewise, we can see how the teams return to training much earlier in order to arrive in the best conditions at the start of the official competition.

With these small concepts we present the importance of the preseason, and everything that comes with achieving success in these first months of working with the group.

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