FUTBOLLAB, seeks to get to reach all football coaches, its training offer, for this it has a powerful Virtual Campus, developed by its Development team and that has taken into account all the potential of current technologies, to give the student the possibility of being able to make a ONLINE training course, and with all the components to achieve maximum learning efficiency.
You can specialize in different areas of sport, without barriers and taking advantage through our e-learning platform, to get the best training in different areas of sport.

In our virtual classroom you will have:

  • Updated agendas and in visual format.
  • Demonstrative videos of the tasks studied.
  • Articles related to the area studied.
  • Continuous assessment exercises by the teacher.
  • Monographic interviews with experts in the area.
  • Custom tutorials.
  • Final Course Project.


  • You will have a quick access system and 24 hours.
  • Flexible and with all the tools so that learning is optimal.
  • Our courses are directed and coordinated by graduates and professionals in the area.