Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Can you take any On-Line course from countries outside Spain?

Of course, FUTBOL LAB, among one of its great objectives is to give the possibility through its virtual campus that all coaches, whether from the country who are able to take a course with us and see the different training methodologies that we carry in Spain and can carry them out in the football teams of their countries. In addition, it has all the courses you have in English and Spanish.

Are all courses completely On-Line?

We go in parts, all the courses we offer are On-Line, but we also offer Vocational Training Courses and Internships that must be done in person.

The courses that are On-Line, are done through our virtual classrooms, in which you have access to the syllabuses, explanatory presentations, demonstration videos, explanations of the teachers, tasks that are sent to you by the teachers and that are corrected and a continuous tutoring by the teacher in the course. We also have telephone tutorials and / or videoconference of explanation to the doubts that arise.

At the end of the course you will make a final project that encompasses all the areas studied and that will always involve the development of a real case, since from FutbolLab we want our courses to be directed at all times to the real training situation that the technicians are in their teams. The Internships bring something else in the Final Project, the internships in a football club in Spain, these practices will teach you different methodologies in Football so that in your future projects you can apply them.

Can we perform exercises and tasks during the course?

Obviously, we seek to make the learning process maximum, for this we have considered that it is necessary for the student to practice with exercises, the different concepts that are being worked, which will be evaluated by the teachers and commented so that the student knows at all times where he has failed, and giving the latter the possibility to resend them to improve their response.

Can I send questions to the teacher?

From the Virtual Classroom you have different ways to send doubts to the teacher, either through the same virtual classroom, through the mail, or establishing personalized tutoring with him, to solve any doubts you may have in relation to the training course of coaches you've enrolled for.

Do I receive accreditation for having taken one of your courses?

From FutbolLab we will send you, at the end of the course, the accreditation of having completed it, which will give you the level of competence to be able to perform the task or branch studied. FutbolLab is a research and study center of football, which seeks to give coaches the most advanced training in relation to football training methodologies. This accreditation will reach you in original format to the address that you have recorded in the registration, also, by means of telematics you will also be sent in electronic format.

What are the requirements to do one of our courses?

Because the training offer of our training courses of coaches and professional qualification in the field of football, as well as specializations such as sports coaching, sports psychology, management of sports entities among other branches, FutbolLab customizes access to each course of the student profile that is best suited for the realization of these sports training programs. From our website you can consult for each type of course, which is the profile of students, we have programs with different access profiles from first coaches in football, as well as professionals who want to expand their training.

What is the price of the course or master's degree?

In the section courses, you will find a brief description of the course and the price that has on our website Courses of FutbolLab, you have in detail the explanation in relation to the course and the price that is assigned to each training program.

Is there the possibility of being able to pay in several installments for a course?

Yes, FutbolLab gives its students the possibility to pay in several installments in the courses of the Master, Expert and Specialist typology in three or four installments the amount of the courses. In this way we seek to ensure that all students can be eligible for the quality programs of FutbolLab , if you want more information in relation to this fact you only have to ask for it in the mail of FutbolLab

Are there any expenses added during the course?

No, the price marked is final price, and includes all the material necessary for the completion of the course optimally, since FutbolLab will be provided to you through the virtual classroom, all the elements that have been considered to contain the course, from the syllabuses, going through demonstrative videos, interviews with experts, articles, added material and the necessary software that is considered for the realization of the course.

What is the duration of the course or master's degree?

Depending on the Course or Master you choose from FutbolLab, it has a different duration, since each program is different, and needs a different time dedication. In the description of the course that is on our website FutbolLab page, you will find for the course that interests you the duration it has.

If I have a personal problem, and can't follow the course, do I lose my tuition?

No, in no case will you miss your tuition if there are personal problems involved, FutbolLab wants football coaches to get the maximum training, and that's their professional goal. If any student has personal problems that prevent them from taking the course, the deadlines set will be extended so that they can take it later.

Can I access the Virtual Classroom 24 hours a day?

Of course, you will be able to access freely, whenever you consider, without restrictions, at the time you want and you will always have visible the syllabuses, and all the material added in the Virtual Classroom.

Can I enroll at all times?

You can enroll in FutbolLab whenever you want and/or when you see fit, as the classrooms will be open every week. With which, you can start the course at any time, whatever the area studied.

How can I enroll?

It is very easy, you only have to register on our Website and choose the course in which you want to enroll. From there you will choose the payment method and in less than 24 hours you will receive the passwords to access the Virtual Classroom, contacting you the staff of FutbolLab.

Does FutbolLab offer work as football coaches, physical trainers...?

Yes, FutbolLab has a job market service, available to students, alumni and anyone who wants to send us their candidacy. From management we receive specific offers from entities with the positions to be filled in their teams, and that we send you at all times.

How are those of Isabel I and FutbolLab different?

The difference is in the quality, Isabel I offers more resources than the Courses of FutbolLab, but they are more expensive than the courses that we offer. The idea that we have is to give options to our clients, to have two courses the same and that you can adapt to the price of the course.

What will happen from now on with UCAM-endorsed courses?

Nothing will happen, but the FootballLab courses will no longer be endorsed by UCAM, which means that, if you need to study and enroll in any other FootballLab course, it will be in Isabel I (which includes more prestige when it comes to finding work). Those students who purchased the course endorsed at UCAM will follow everything equally, with the same payment term, and in general, the same pattern that was being used will be followed.

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