About us?

FutboLab is a company specialized in training football coaches at a professional level.

Our project was born 10 years ago as a sports and entrepreneurial initiative, in the hands of a group of football enthusiasts, graduated nationally and internationally in different sports fields. It is created with the purpose of maximizing the preparation of all members of football: Coaches, Players and Clubs, both professional and semi-professional.

The FutbolLab school is a high-tech center in football with students in more than 30 countries and whose objective is to specialize coaches, soccer professionals and graduates or graduates within the sports field through the different higher level programs, in the areas of sports training in football and in the organizations necessary to manage sports entities or companies in a specialized way.

Through our certified courses endorsed by prestigious universities nationwide we want to promote the passion for sports and football in particular through the best advice and training using the most advanced methodology. Offering up to 25 online and semipresence courses with university accreditation, incorporating specialists who work or have worked in the best and most recognized Spanish clubs and internationally such as FC Barcelona, ​​RCD Espanyol, Atletico De Madrid, Seville, Benfica, among others.

MISSION: Help reach the maximum potential and achieve the goals thanks to the best prepared professionals. Interested in seeking the excellence and maximum performance of each of our trainers in order to help them improve tactically, technically, physically and psychologically. Create and generate added value in their professional and personal growth and development during the learning period.

VIEW: To be recognized as an influential sports company in the teaching field within the world of football both nationally and internationally. To be pioneers through an effective and efficient high performance organization that offers value services to our trainers. To be a leading company worldwide and a reference for our main competitors with a permanent innovation in the quality of our services.

VALUES: We believe in the importance of sport to promote the personal and professional growth of our coaches. Therefore, through FutbolLab we want to express the values ​​that represent us most. Innovation, professionalism, training, commitment and quality.