7 keys to the psychological performance of football players

He Psychological performance is fundamental for him performance of soccer players and Understand skills such as trust, motivation, emotional control, concentration, stress management, resilience and effective communication. Are skills are clue For success in the playing field.

Exploring the most important aspects of the football business

He soccer It is a global business that takes advantage of its Popularity and Culture Impactl to generate Millions of euros per year through television rights, sponsorships, players, merchandising and club -owned transfers. Is a industry in constant growth and expansion, attractive for investors, sponsors and television stations.

Understanding players transfers in football

The Transfers of players in football are a Key process For the football market, where clubs can Acquire or release To players for improve your team or achieve Your financial needs.

Efficient administration in sports entities

He Success and sustainability On a club or sports team, they depend largely on a good administration. From the strategy to the management of finance and human resources, is fundamental adequately address them different aspects of one Sports entity.

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