Improvement in the technical components of the player and in the tactical aspects of the player

FUTBOLLAB Through its professionals and the development of its own Player Analysis Software, it analyzes the players in video, so as to study the information, create personalized plans for technical and tactical improvement of the player, seeking to get the player to improve in all aspects and in decision making know how to choose the most efficient option.

Physical Preparation Area

The professionals of FUTBOLLAB, directed by the person in charge of this area, JUAN FERRANDO, Doctor of Sports Science, Former Physical Trainer at the ARSENAL of ARSENE WENGER, former RCD ESPANYOL and currently in the MALAGA CF will create improvement plans in the physical preparation of the player, analyzing all the characteristics of the player and seeing where they can and should improve.

These improvement plans include, Season Start Plans, plans during the seasons, and customized programs for injured players, as well as Injury prevention.

The objective of the Improvement Plans is to get players to work in a more efficient way, getting the trainings to become all the sessions in learning moments adapted to what will happen in the game, always work real situations.

When the human group that is part of FUTBOLLAB He works with a player, puts in his hands an individual and personalized work, which will lead the player to improve his performance in the game, thanks to the training methodology we use and that is directed towards the knowledge of the game.

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