Interview with a Football Expert: Pasquale Casà

Let's see what the answers are to some of the questions we put to Pasquale Casà.

Interview with Jose Luis Martin Sáez

Meet José Luis Martín Sáez, National Football Coach – UEFA Pro, football teacher for coaches about Tactics, Technique and Methodology and writer of the book ELITE FOOTBALL.

Interview with Gerard Nus

Gerard Nus, book writer "Heating in football, training sessions and parties" where his main objective is a personal and professional reflection of an essential element for football as is heating.

Interview with Juan Manuel Navarrete

Juan Manuel Navarrete is a performance analyst at the Tapatio CD sports club and writer of the book “Osorio tactical, the secrets of his method”.

Reveals us: "Clearly technology has opened the doors a lot, to be deeper, more studious of the game, to be able to influence more directly." Among other secrets, do you want to know more?