Interview with Gerard Nus

Today in our interviews section we present to you Gerard Nus., on his twitter it is presented as "Former Liverpoolfc, Ghana, Brighton & Hove, Rayo Vallecano, Elche CF, Melbourne City, Irtysh p, Northeast United FC."

Writer of the book "Heating in football, training sessions and parties"His main objective is a personal and professional reflection of an essential element for football as it is The warm-up.

Of course, a correct warming before the game is key to a good later performance. The prevention of injuries is essential for a perfect body maintenance of the players.

⚽. Tips or tips for a good warming before a match or before a workout?

Mainly, in a warming prior to a party, which really matters or interest is the match itself, while heating in a training is an ideal time to improve, since this is already part of the training.

⚽. Do you think that the function of the physical preparer has been greater importance in professional teams as a result of the Covid-19?

Generally a physical trainer is one of the most prepared people within the technical staff, even similar to the medical department.

⚽. How is the change of being in a club like the Gimnàstic de Tarragona to Liverpool?

Main and notably, there is a difference in the dimensions of the club, but the important thing is to get the most of oneself, evolve and in turn keep learning.

⚽. What differences are there between European and Asian physical preparation?

The main profile of a Korean player is a very hardworking player, tactical knowledge, physical presence in force and a very high technical element.

⚽. Why did you decide to return to England?

It is one of the destinations of a large part of football professionals, since it is a country where football is breathed, English football is something different, it generates a lot.

⚽. What do you extract from your experience in Australia of both physical and technical trainer?

It is a different culture, where people love sports, it is a very athlete society. "At this moment I lived a very beautiful competition, where there are much level players.".

⚽. What do you extract from your experience in Elche?

At that time he was collaborating, helping at the Technical Secretariat of Elche and later, the following year at Rayo Vallecano. As well as with the selection of Ghana that he was in 2 Africa cups, in 2015 and 2017.

⚽. Do you notice a lot of difference in football of India and the rest of the countries?

The Covid-19 has made the championship take place in bubble format, therefore I have not known India as much as I would have liked.

⚽. In all the countries where you have been, in what function you have felt more comfortable?

In the end each situation gives you something new, but regardless of the country, what matters most is where one can contribute as much as possible.

⚽. What would you advise someone who has the opportunity to train outside of your country?

As any decision in life we ​​must value what you want and consistently.

⚽. Regarding your professional future, what is your next project?

I really do not know, but you appreciate being talking about different options

⚽. Who is the football person who has marked the most?

Rafa Benítez and his surroundings was of great importance since I was very young at that time, but really all the coaches with whom I have been lucky to work.

Thank you very much Gerard for sharing with us this interview!

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