LESIONES más frecuentes en FÚTBOL y cómo PREVENIRLAS

En el fútbol, como en otros deportes, la probabilidad de que ocurra alguna lesión es alta. El tipo de lesiones que suele sufrirse, tienden a afectar las extremidades inferiores; lo que puede presentar problemas y dolencias a futuro irremediables o que necesiten intervención quirúrgica.

Tactical Analysis Soccer Matches

The tactical analysis in soccer matches is based on making an exhaustive observation about our team or the rival, analyzing those aspects that interest us for our team. You can perform this analysis on your own team or also on the rival team, this can be done collectively or individually depending on the purpose of the analysis.

What is the middle block?

What does it mean to defend in a middle block, it means that we give the rival the initiative when it comes to leaving the ball so that they can generate that superiority and that they can leave that first line more easily and it means placing our team between the zone of progression or start and the opponent's finishing zone.

Tactical analysis

It is the process of recognizing, registering and examining a party in detail with the aim of doing well an evaluation of the rival team that can be of the entire team, several players or individual.

The dynamics of the game consists of two phases the offensive and defensive phase, of which you can move from one to the other through a transition, which depending on whether you have the ball or will not be defensive or offensive. These transitions are important when analyzing the rival's game form.

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