Interview with Juan Manuel Navarrete

Juan Manuel Navarrete is a performance analyst at the Sports Club Tapatio CD and writer of the book "Tactical Osorio, the secrets of his method". A book that perfectly explains everything there is to know about the tactical analysis of Mexican soccer, especially focused on Juan Osorio, national coach.


⚽. What style of play identified Juan Osorio (Mexico's coach) the most?

It is a positional game, slightly rigid, with freedom of movement, a lot of use of the inside game...

⚽. Is football a complex and dynamic system, is it currently of great importance?

Clearly yes, since the beginning of this sport a complex and dynamic system is essential.

⚽. Is rotation a key factor in today's football?

The constant use of rotations is essential to be unpredictable, to be able to make key decisions based on what the opponent does.

⚽. What is ecology in the game? 🤔

It is about the simple context, depending on the activity it could be the type of pass that is given, which players are involved in said action, what spaces are occupied...

⚽. What is your perception in the position game?

Not simply that the winger receives with an advantage, the occupation of spaces, the third man... It really is much more than that, you have to make the player understand that without participating in any action he is also helping, not always the importance is where he is the ball.

⚽. What strengths and weaknesses does the 3-4-3 formation have?

Initially it allows a very rational occupation of spaces, due to the simple nature of how the players are accommodated. It's not just about placing three defenders, 4 midfielders and 3 attackers, this formation is going to be robust depending on the complementarities and the players there are. That is to say, the game of this formation will depend on what interactions are provoked.

Performing a good isolation, this formation allows to be highly offensive, but on the other hand it requires a great sacrifice in defense or especially in a turnover.

⚽. Who is for Juan Manuel Naverrete the best soccer coach in the world today?

Pep Guardiola, although Diego Pablo Simeone is also to his liking.

⚽. What has technology improved in football?

Clearly, technology has opened the doors a lot, to be deeper, more studious of the game, to be able to influence more directly.

⚽. Who do you see as favorite to win La Liga Santander (Spanish)?

It is one of the best, if not the best league in the world and I think Real Madrid should never be ruled out, but personally I would love for Atlético de Madrid to win.

⚽. Who do you see as favorite to win the UEFA Champions League?

I think that Manchester City have a tremendously dominant team and that they should win.

⚽. Which 2 or 3 teams do you see as the strongest possible winners of this summer's European Championship?

He does not rule out Belgium, France obviously, Spain or Germany...

Thank you very much Juan Manuel for this interview, it has been a real pleasure!
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