Keys to a good training plan

A good training plan It is key to endure a high-level season. An adequate training plan will help us maintain a high performance throughout the season in an optimal and safe way for our health.

We will work on the technical aspects of the game with technical-motor exercises and we will exercise tactics with group exercises. This way the player will know when and how to use his skills to score a goal for the team.

Thanks to a training plan we will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a player, to help the talent of each of our players flourish so that it leads us to victory. Therefore, planning the training sessions will have the objective of maintaining a high performance and supplying the deficiencies that our players may have.

How do we structure a football training?

To begin with, we have to differentiate between session and task, a task is still an exercise and a session is the moment of training, so a task can take up several sessions. Likewise, the tasks can have different sections depending on the objective to be achieved:

  • Heating.
  • Main exercise.
  • Final.

The sequence of tasks that we plan will set the pace, so we have to do it correctly so that the progression is adequate and not fatigue the players from the beginning.


It is essential in any training plan. It is essential for the training session, just like before any game, it helps us to condition the body for the sport and avoid possible injuries.

Main exercise

This is the key part of the workout and it is 60 to 90 minutes divided into 4 or 6 parts. Its first part focuses on physical preparation:

  • Endurance: aerobic and anaerobic
  • Strength: Endurance, explosive, and maximal
  • Coordination: running technique
  • Flexibility
  • Preventive Exercises

In soccer, most of the time you play without the ball at your feet, so it is very important to have a good soccer training plan for your physique.

Making constant changes of speed and direction is what most players do in games.

The second part deals with the technical work planned according to the football training plan.

  • Individual technique: Get a driving and dribbling skill.
  • Collective technique: The pass between players, combined actions, driving... Ensuring that our team can coordinate on the field of play and achieve a good combination of passes, plays...

Technical-tactical exercises:

  • Rondos
  • Possessions
  • Duels
  • Collective technique actions

The fourth part covers tasks that enhance the tactics of the players. In this way, it prepares athletes to face different situations in which they may find themselves on the field of play during matches.

  • Defense: Make a high pressure, withdrawals.
  • Attack: Initiation for the attack, its creation and finish on goal if possible.
  • Counterattack.
  • Offensive and defensive transitions.

The fifth part applies what has been learned in the games. These are usually held in small spaces, intermediate spaces or the entire field. Real match simulations allow players to put themselves under the same pressure that they will experience during a competition. In this way, they can demonstrate everything they have learned and what they can do.

And finally, to finish, we find the sixth part of the football training plan, which covers strategic aspects, corners, fouls, penalties, discounts, etc.

It basically deals with any action involving pieces from set pieces.


The goal of this phase is to return to calm. Depending on the intensity with which the training has ended, continuous running and stretching for about 5-10 minutes is recommended. It is about getting your heart rate to recover and all the tension of training to be discharged.

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