Interview with Fabian Godoy

Fabian Godoy He is Argentine, a sports journalist with more than 20 years of experience and a soccer analyst for DirecTV Sports in Argentina.

He is also a professor at the Universidad Abierta Interamericana and writer of the book “Sports transmissions”, where the experience of so many years working on soccer fields is captured.

Below you can learn more about him, his work and how he managed to dedicate himself to what he likes the most: Football.

⚽. How did the idea of writing the book “sports transmissions” come about?

The publisher "Football Book" suggested me to write a book of this nature that did not exist in the market, a book that would be a guide for those journalism students or for those people interested in what is hidden behind a simple narration of a game. soccer.

⚽. How much time did you spend writing it?

Between 3 and 4 months, this took place before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

⚽. How did it impact you that people complimented you on your work?

Since there is nothing like it on the market, "I am very happy that those who have acquired it feel the same way I felt when I wrote it.".

⚽. Where does that passion for narrating matches, for football, come from?

As a child I lived with my uncle, who was blind and he connected with football through the radio, and I think that's where my passion began.

⚽. Have you taken any course or practice that helps you understand football from a more professional point of view?

I haven't really taken any course, but I always exchange words with people specialized on the subject.

⚽. What games have you narrated that have marked you the most?

Fortunately, I have been able to comment on 3 world cups, so one match was at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Uruguay against Colombia. Firstly because it is a World Cup, secondly because it is the Maracana and thirdly because they are two very close countries.

I also commented on the final of the Olympic Games where Brazil and Germany played an extraordinary match that was decided on penalties.

And finally in Korea 2017, the U20 World Cup, I commented on the final between Uruguay and Venezuela.

⚽. What is the difference between European and South American football?

The main difference is the speed in decision making, when a European footballer decides in one touch, the South American does it in two. European football has the virtue of being able to give the game that speed of thinking fast and being able to work in small spaces as it is played in Europe.

⚽. What do you think about the growth of Argentine coaches in European football?

First of all, Pochettino gives his players a large dose of normalcy, he is simple, he has a simple speech.

Marcelo Gallardo is the best coach in South America in recent years, since his teams do things that others don't and he plays with a European rhythm.

⚽. Which team do you see as a candidate to win the Champions League?

Manchester city

⚽. Which team do you see as a candidate to win La Liga Santander?

I think Barcelona or Real Madrid.

⚽. What selections would be your TOP3?

France, Belgium and Spain.

⚽. What is Messi for Argentines? And Maradona?

Messi is an excuse to be happy.

Maradona represents the purest Argentinity.

⚽. What do you think about the RCDE?

Today they have a very competitive team.

Thank you Fabián for your time and such an enjoyable interview!

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