Training Microcycles

Many of our students ask us what is the secret formula that we use to prepare well for matches, whether we have one or two matches a week, we cannot stop training. But it is difficult to do training sessions that contribute to us and that do not tire our team so that the performance in the match is the maximum possible.

Today we want to bring you our secret formula for success...


The structured microcycle It is a planning method used by the FC Barcelona, which consists of unifying each of the parties with which a player interacts and relates, with the others.

Contrary to other methods, the structured Microcycle unites each one of the components that form the player, the decision-making and the specificity of the tasks, all encompassed in a methodology in which the technical-tactical aspects prevail over the physical ones.

We must take into account various phases of this cycle:

Recovery phase of the previous match

The recommended load dynamics is low volume and intensity. We see this last dynamic more productive in the second round of the league, where recovery processes require more attention.

Stimulating phase

The dynamics of the loads begins with a high volume and a moderate intensity.

Performance optimization phase

It seeks to obtain the processes of physical overcompensation, the refinement of the tactical components and the maximum cohesion.

Competitive Phase

It is intended to achieve the optimal level of activation to obtain the maximum level of performance. The load dynamics that is carried out is the drastic drop in volume and intensity before the match with a previous activation session.

Then How will we distribute the week? Here are two (2) examples that can help you:

In addition, we must define the specificity of the tasks to keep the recipe balanced. We talk about them below:


These are exercises that could be used in many sports, they do not present any level of comparison with the competition. For Example: 1 hour on a stationary bike.


  • General: exercises with a very low level of specificity. For example: 2 series of 12 min, at 70% FCM of continuous operation.

  • Performed: Exercises with a slight resemblance to the competition. Normally a small transfer to the game is sought, adding small automated technical elements with some decision. For example: Single Pass Wheel/Rondo 41
  • Competition: These are real game drills. For Example: Match applied.

The reason given for this is that during the short transition phase, the physiological and muscular adaptations that are lost in high-level professional players are few and thus it is not necessary to abuse general and/or generic sessions and training methods. difficult transfer to football.

You have to get to a good state of form as quickly as possible and try to maintain it throughout the season with appropriate synergies.

During the season, they will be used strategically and depending on the team's competitive calendar, the Competition microcycles, which are characterized by presenting a clear mastery of special sessions and competitions.

They are used on many occasions where there are games of great importance or weeks in which 3 games have to be played.

If you want to know more about this topic and how to apply it correctly in your team, you can't miss the training we offer to help you improve day by day as a soccer coach ⚽


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