High block system

What is the tall block?

Playing in a high block consists of positioning yourself with a high line, making the field smaller and closing spaces for the rival, making it difficult to possess the ball. Generally, playing with the high block tends to go hand in hand with a pressing style that starts from the opposite area, since it requires all players to step forward and reduce the chances of the opponent.

This type of pressure, known as high pressure, is based on preventing the opposing team from leaving with the ball played or playing it and immediately begins the pressure in the opposite field, near the rival goal, with the aim of stealing the closest to the opposite goal and look for a quick finish, or to get the ball in the opposite field, and do all this in a very short period of time, to get possession of the ball as soon as possible, to go directly to the rival goal, taking advantage of the fact that the team opponent is defensively disorganizing, and thus be able to finish the play or create a scoring chance.

In addition, another type of pressure could also be executed when possession of the ball is lost, which is based on making a very intense pressure once the ball is lost instead of falling back and in this way the team will keep its block high.

To execute this type of pressure, the players need to be in good physical shape, since a very intense exercise must be executed in order to recover the ball in the shortest possible time.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing high block?


As we have explained previously, playing with a high block compresses the field and makes it difficult for the rival to have space and/or time with possession of the ball.

With our defensive line positioned approximately in the center of the field when the opponent has the ball, we can make quick counter-attacks, since we are located close to the opponent's penalty area, thus creating dangerous chances for the opposing team.


Playing with a high defensive line will leave a large amount of space behind the defensive line, meaning there is plenty of room for an opposing striker to break open from behind. In these situations there are many long balls, due to the great pressure exerted by our team, forcing the rival to throw long balls, since you do not have space to execute a good ball exit.

These situations generated behind our defense are uncomfortable for our centre-backs and full-backs and very favorable for their attackers, because they have a lot of space to attack.

To be able to play with this type of system you need to work on it both physically and tactically, either to be able to exert good group pressure, closing spaces well so as not to be late for the pressure, and thus counteract the rival and force him to lose possession.

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