Course CoverBase Football Methodology Expert

You will have the opportunity to voluntarily carry out your practices in different clubs in Barcelona, including RCD Espanyol or its schools.

Duration: 3 months
Start: Immediate
Degree: Expert

You can pay with a single payment or in terms of 3 or 6 months!

Base Football Methodology Expert

With the Course of "Expert in Football Base Methodology" we will learn to take the team to the greatest, always from the base and with the right fundamentals to then be able to improve everything that in a short range makes the staff diminish.

We have to put into practice every year of training , coordination of physical activities, rest and strategic situations to evolve on the pitch.

Practice the strengths of the players, turn our advantage into an overwhelming method and our weaknesses, improve them until they are mastered . The methodology is a discipline that is not learned in a few days.

Learning new exercises , teaching styles, structuring sessions will be the main points of the subject of the expert course in BASIC FOOTBALL METHODOLOGY.

For FUTBOLLAB , methodological treatment in football clubs , the equitable monitoring of all teams is vitally important for players to learn significantly all concepts using new methodologies based on the complexity offered by the game. The key is how our players internalize the contents, and that is why we will use styles of maximum wealth for practitioners.

A guided subject so that we can learn in a clear but extensive way all the concepts of the new emerging methodologies in football.


1. Soccer sport analysis

2. Sports training and types of methodology to apply

3. Training in individual sports

4. Training in team sports

5. Traditional training

6. In-game training

7. New training paradigms

8. Separation of content to train in football

9. Work of the slogans in the training contents.

10. Teaching methods

  • A. Conceptual clarification
  • B. Teaching methods or styles

11. Training strategies for training

  • A. Direct command
  • B. Reciprocal Teaching
  • C. Guided discovery
  • D. Student started
  • E. Task resolution.

12. Characteristics choice way of teaching

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