Football Player Intermediation Expert

Duration: 3 months Start: Immediate Degree: Expert

You will have the opportunity to act, voluntarily, his internships in different clubs in Barcelona.



You can pay with a single payment or in terms of 3, 6 or 12 months!

In collaboration with:

Asociación europea de jugadores



With the Course of Expert in Intermediation of Football Players we will learn to capture all those players who stand out from normal. Young promises of clubs where they are not yet able to exploit their maximum performance players trained in their teams because the sports team is not the most suitable for them or the stars who are not enjoying their stay for personal issues with the coach or the city. These players are the ones who should locate an expert in intermediation of players in professional football.

This facet is what an expert is asked to achieve in the search for players who can and contribute to the sports project.

Look at personalities such as "Monchi", which currently leads the recruitment of Sevilla FC players and is doing a commendable job.


Through the player agent course you will acquire enough knowledge to carry out any negotiation in the transfer of players in the world of football.

The course is a basic and essential tool to achieve the License issued by the Royal Spanish Football Federation and thus become one of the most important Agents in the sector.


Give the student the tools so that he can operate and work as a player intermediary and acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to present players to the different clubs in order to negotiate or renegotiate a work contract or present two clubs with each other in order to sign a transfer contract, in accordance with the provisions of this regulation.

The student will get a good training in the use of video applications for the creation of visual reports of players to make them reach the professional technical secretaries.


FutbolLab provides the student with a material divided into theoretical and several practical blocks, with a final project oriented to real situations of professional football. Complemented by animated presentations, demonstration videos, numerous case studies and specific articles on the area.

Within this material you will be able to find all the documentation, regulations, cases, experiences and types of contracts, always with the accompaniment of the professors who will tutor in a personalized way their progress and learning necessary to take the exam and be able to exercise as a Player Agent

  • FIFA Statutes
  • Regulations governing the application of FIFA statutes
  • FIFA disciplinary code.
  • Regulation on the Agents of players.
  • Regulations on the statute and transfer of players.
  • Rules of procedure of the Statute Commission of the player and the Chamber of Dispute Resolution.
  • Most important circulars.
  • Statutes of the RFEF.
  • Disciplinary code of the RFEF.
  • General Regulations of the RFEF.
  • Case studies and exam questions.
  • Player analysis software application
  • Final Program Project



  • Be of age.
  • Interest in football and especially in getting a high training as a player agent.

The evaluation process follows the following premises:

  • I. Each course has different teaching units.
  • II. In each of them, there are some activities to do.
  • III. The student has to do them.
  • IV. To pass, you have to get 50 or more valuation.
  • V. With this, you will have permission to access the next unit.
  • SAW. If you suspend, you will have to repeat the activity until it is exceeded (50 or more assessment).
  • VIII. At all times the student will have the follow-up by his teacher.


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