Scouting Expert

Duration: 3 months Start: Immediate Open Squares Degree: Expert

You will have the opportunity to act, voluntarily, his internships in different clubs in Barcelona.



You can pay with a single payment or in terms of 3, 6 or 12 months!

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With the Course of Expert in Scouting we will learn to use the information of the matches and turn it into a subject of study to see the weaknesses of the defenses, the offensive strengths, the strategies used in the field of play and the positioning of the lines.

All an extensive and well prepared work by the coaches that seeks to capture in each game and that requires an investigation to improve these aspects.

In this course we will learn to make cuts in the videos, to see the vital points of each system and to understand the importance of each angle for subsequent supervision.


This master's degree is aimed at people who already have football knowledge and who want to specialize in the fantastic task of knowing how to analyze players and teams, providing new knowledge in talent detection methodologies and management and direction knowledge for the management of football schools and equipment quarries.

With this material, the student will be able to manage the selection of players of an entity, will know how and what to value and the best thing is that he will be able to draw the most efficient conclusions of the players he analyzes.

For this reason and after our teaching experience in the world of football and the experience of our collaborators we have decided to create this course, which seeks to provide the tools to carry out the planning, monitoring and evaluation of the players to analyze, giving abilities to the students To have the necessary knowledge to coordinate, lead, manage and evaluate any technical secretary, even enabling the student to know how to lead the coordination of scouting teams.

This master's degree seeks to obtain professionals who are able to detect, know how to see, know how to analyze, draw conclusions about the players seen, knowing how to calibrate the different abilities of the player, analyzing their importance and depth; always under a totally practical methodology, with innumerable examples and activities to be carried out, coordinated by tutor and teacher.



Topic 1: Introduction to Scouting

  • 1.1 What is scouting?
  • 1.2 The beginnings of scouting
  • 1.3 Scouting justification
  • 1.4 The evolution of scouting

Topic 2: Types of Scouting

  • 2.1 About our team
  • 2.2 On opposing teams
  • 2.3 About players
  • 2.4 About workouts

Topic 3: Scouting process

  • 3.1 Documentation phase
  • 3.1.1 Information to be collected
  • 3.2 Recording
  • 3.2.1 Aspects to consider
  • 3.3 Analysis
    • 3.3.1 Conditioning aspects of the game
      • Offensive phase
      • Defensive phase
      • Transitions
      • Stationary ball actions
    • 3.3.2 Other conditioning aspects
  • 3.4 Conclusions / Relevant compilation of the entire process

Topic 4: Preparation of the report

  • 4.1 Written document
  • 4.2 Visual document
  • 4.3 Audiovisual document


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