The statistical analysis of a football match: how numerical information improves team performance

Football is a sport that is played throughout the world and that has a large number of followers. Over the years, they have developed different techniques and strategies to win games, and theStatistical analysis has been one of the most used tools to achieve this goal. In this article, a football match will be analyzed through different statistics and some of the Keys to understand how it works this sport.

Before starting the analysis of the game, it is important to understand what type of statistics are relevant to football. The most important statistics in this sport include marked goals, the shots on the door, the faults committed, the completed passes and the possession percentages. These statistics allow us to understand how a game develops and what teams are being more successful.

In the match that will be analyzed, two teams of the Spanish League, Real Madrid and Barcelona face. This game is one of the most important of the season and always attracts a large number of followers. The game was played at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid on March 1, 2020.

As for the goals, the game ended with a Real Madrid victory 2-1. The first goal of the match was scored by Real Madrid in the 71st minute through a free kick by Toni Kroos. Barcelona tied the game in the 85th minute with a goal by Antoine Griezmann. However, Real Madrid achieved victory in the 86th minute with a goal from Sergio Ramos by penalty.

In addition to goals, it is important to analyze the number of kicks to goal. In this match, Real Madrid shot a total of 14 times, of which 7 went to the door. For its part, Barcelona fired a total of 10 times, of which 2 went to the door. These data indicate that Real Madrid had more opportunities to mark and that better used these opportunities.

Another important statistic is the number of offenses committed. In this game, Real Madrid committed a total of 12 fouls, while Barcelona committed 13 fouls. These data indicate that Both teams played a hard game and tried to win the possession of the ball through force.

The percentage of possession is also a key statistic in football. In this match, Real Madrid had 44% possession of the ball, while Barcelona had a 56% possession. Although Barcelona had more possession of the ball, Real Madrid managed to take better advantage of his opportunities and won the game.

Statistical analysis is a key tool to understand how football works and what teams are most successful in the field. In the analyzed party, Real Madrid achieved victory thanks to a Combination of good shots on the door and a solid defense.

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