Master in Recruitment and Detection of Professional Talent

Duration: 7 months Start: Immediate Open Squares Degree: Master

You will have the opportunity to act, voluntarily, his internships in different clubs in Barcelona.


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With the Course of Master in Recruitment and Detection of Professional Talent. We will learn to collect all the information about possible market movements, ups and downs, incorporations, young promises, youth players with the possibility of joining the first team and stars who want to change teams.

All this together with the permanent search for improve our sports block, make this task unique.

Finding the right player for the right position and having a great impact on the team is a very professional and risky task. The incorporations are not always positive and they can break the scheme or ideology of the team.

Players who have a strong character or veterans who own the locker room also have to be corrected for synchronize the interests of the sports entity.


This training program will be carried out taking into account the following points:

Virtual classroom:The courses are taught entirely in online mode. They are made through our virtual campus that is accessed from the front page of our website,, through the button Access to the Virtual Classroom. From there you can enter topics, explanatory presentations, demonstration videos, teacher analysis, tasks that are sent and corrected by teachers.

Tutors:The teachers offer continuous tutoring, establishing telephone tutorials and / or videoconferencing explaining the doubts that arise. They guide your formative evolution throughout the course, depending on your profile and level of dedication or study schedule. As we have indicated, the syllabus, videos, articles, interviews with experts are part of your evolution in the course, so you will perform periodic exercises that the teacher corrects to give you the clearest idea of the topic being working.

Evaluation: At the end of the course you will carry out a final project that will encompass all the areas studied and that will always involve the development of a real case, since from FutbolLab we want our courses at all times to be directed to the real training situation that technicians find in their teams.

Enrollment process:To enroll you just have to click on the Enroll tab, from there you will be asked to enter your personal data necessary for the academic record and in the final part of the process you can choose the payment format of this program.


Remember that in this course you can go at your own pace and do it according to your availability, as long as you do not exceed the maximum time to do it, which in the case of the masters is 2 and a half years, 18 months for Expert or Technical courses and 7 months for courses that are not of these categories.

It is plenty of time to complete, if you still need more time, you must request authorization from the admissions department to extend a time, in case you get a positive response the new agreed time will be automatically extended.


UNIT 1 Detection, recruitment and development of talent in football. Methodology

1.1 Talent concept. Definition and characteristics of talent

1.2 Bases of the orientation that must be taken into account to perceive talent

1.3 Objectives and types of selection forms within processes of this type

1.4 Methodology and control of the variables that condition the sports success of an athlete

1.5 Evaluation and control of training in different contexts and different teaching styles

1.6 Sports transitions and their importance within theirtraining

1.7 Analysis of methods for talent detection and selection

1.8 Importance of context and the psychological world of the talented player


UNIT 2. Talent training models and programs

2.1 Selection process, recruitment and identification of players and their conditions

2.2 Most important game systems

2.3 Important objectives and principles of play. Construction of training tasks. Training manuals Fundamentals for specific positions

2.4 Training planning and programming and its importance

2.5 Design and organization of courses or trainings that exploit talent.

2.6 Explain how to design and optimize individual or collective performance improvement courses


UNIT 3. Technology in the development of talent applied to football

3.1 Conceptualization of the analysis of the competition and its conditions

3.2 Analysis of the training process and the keys to get performance.

3.3 Programs and evaluations to track players through technology. Individual and collective scouting. What to consider in these analyzes and know how to offer quality data

3.4 Analysis techniques of competition performance and training

3.5 Use of technologies for competition analysis and how to get the most out of them

3.6 Control of training in all important factors

3.7 Programs and examples to keep track of these factors


UNIT 4. People management and people management skills program

4.1 People leadership and ability to convey assertiveness

4.2 Sports coaching and exploitation of sports conditions

4.3 The keys to a person's emotional world

4.4 Intrapersonal and interpersonal communication

4.5 Conflict management and take out the positive ones of them, creating emotional bonds

4.6 Teamwork and the sum of collective resources

4.7 Time management and take advantage of all available

4.8 Decision making in stressful situations and in others


UNIT 5. Talent management

5.1 Player process

5.2 Template planning and analysis, definition of needs and how to structure them

5.3 Definition of a policy and philosophy with the players and club technicians


5.4 Development of a plan to follow both economic and social-sports



6.1 Perform the Master Thesis



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