Perform a match observation well

Before facing a match, it is fundamental make a good observation of the match to know all the necessary aspects of the rival. And the main person responsible for carrying out said observation of matches is neither more nor less than the coach. But game watching isn't about watching games like a fan would, it's about analyze a series of factors of the rival team with the aim of getting to know them better in all aspects before facing them.

What factors should we focus on to carry out a good match observation?

To carry out a good observation of matches, we must observe a series of aspects or factors of the rival that are the ones that we will mention below.

  • Observe the structural organization of the rival team. The main factor that we must analyze is the way in which the rival is structured, that is, knowing which one is the training they use and also know the positions or spaces occupied by each of the opposing players, both in defensive and offensive plays. Through the analysis of this first factor, we will obtain information about in which areas of the field they will have superiority, in which they will have inferiority and in which there will be more equality.
  • Analyze the repetitive behaviors of the rival. Next, another of the factors that we will analyze will be the behavior of the rival. With this, we come to refer to those behaviors that rival players use habitually or more frequently.
  • Know the functionality of each rival player. Previously, we have mentioned that we must know the structure and behaviors of the opponent as a whole. But in this case, it is also necessary to know the role that corresponds to each of the rival players. Through the individual analysis of each of these players, we will be able to better understand their functions inside the field, characteristics and the ways of acting of each of these players.
  • Analyze the opponent's set pieces. Finally, another of the fundamental factors that we must take into account are set pieces. All these plays are designed and carried out through the tactic and it is important that we know each of these plays that the rival team can use against us.

Through the analysis of these factors that we have mentioned before, we will be able to gather a wide variety of information about the rival that then, we as coaches, we channel Y we filter finally to share all this information precisely to each our players.

The importance of good match observation

All this process that we have explained previously, is part of a rigorous work in which mainly we must be very observers. And obviously, doing a good match observation is of vital importance, because if we observe the key factors and, consequently, collect the necessary information, we will be providing the chance to our players to know all the aspects of the rival and to prepare the game as well as possible so that when we face them, we are better prepared to win.

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