Do you think that the mental aspect is important for a soccer player?

Every soccer player needs to be well prepared physically in order to be able to withstand the intensity of a match from start to finish. But also, it is very important that the player is mentally prepared to be able to withstand all the mental load generated by the various situations that occur in the match and also those that occur in this sport in general.

Athough it does not seems, the mental preparation is key for the good development of the players. It is more difficult to train and master it compared to physical preparation, although it is just as or even more relevant. And for this reason, in this article we will show you the importance of mental preparation in a player.

The importance of mental preparation

The fact that a player has mastered and is able to control the mental aspect is very important because if he is not prepared mentally, will not be able to concentrate or perform their functions correctly. In addition, there is a possibility that the player tends to make mistakes or be wrong more often and therefore the player will be at risk of not achieving the proposed objectives nor correctly execute the functions that correspond to it.

To successfully develop mastery of the mental aspect of the player, it is vital to try create a pleasant atmosphere and stable where the player feels comfortable, calm and is aware that through the mistake the success will end up coming.

The truth is that mastering the psychological aspect is not a task that can be achieved overnight. It is a complex task in which the player must give himself time to have this aspect worked very deeply so that when adversities arise, it does not sink easily.

It is important to let the players know that even if they make mistakes, they make them learn. That they do not abandon and try to continue on that path to try to get what you want.

The Consequences of Mental Dominance

As they say, in the last minutes the legs 'weigh'. But in that player who carries out a mental preparation and has it dominated, the legs will not weigh as much because that player will know that the mind has much more power than the legs. And this, as coaches, we must make very clear to our players during their mental preparation. Also, another consequence of mastering this mental aspect is that the player in question can't sink so easily by making a mistake. He himself will be aware that it is a simple mistake and that he will have the opportunity to redeem himself another time.

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In conclusion, it is evident that the mental or psychological aspect is very important, since if the players are able to dominate their mind, they will have a increased mental strength and, therefore, they will be one step closer to success.

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