How to analyze the rival?

From the hand of our professor Carles Fernández, we will see the most important factors when analyzing the rival.
The analysis allows us to know the successes and errors of the rival, provide information to our players.
The objective of the analysis is to compare your strengths, combat weaknesses and develop a plan to face the game
To make a good analysis of the rival we must see: what style of play they use in the different phases of the game, what their weaknesses and strengths are at a general level, how they act in attack, with the ball without the ball, what their restarts are like, how progress through the game and to finish set pieces.
It is necessary to collect the information either in an audiovisual or written way.
The ideal is to divide it into action zones of the pitch that are:
  • Start zone in which we will see the general behavior of the team
  • Creation zone in which we will see how the game alternates
  • Lateral creation zones where we will see if they are looking for one on one, how they start or if they really occupy these zones
  • Completion zone where we will see the speed of the action and how they generate it.
Once we have seen the most general behaviors, we will move on to the more specific behaviors, which are:
  • Lateral lane where we will see the height of the reception of the players, if it occupies a lot of depth on the outside, how they give depth, how they execute and what decision-making they make.
  • Central lane with the ball we will see the receiving height, how is the distance between lines, how they execute, how they identify the space and decision making.

Without the ball we will see if it manifests a high block, a medium block or a low block.

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