Soccer Methodology Expert (Florida Global University)

Duration: 5 months Start: Immediate Open Squares Degree: Expert

You will have the opportunity to perform, voluntarily, your internships in different clubs in Barcelona.



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With the Course of Soccer Methodology Expert We will learn to take the team to the greatest possible level, always from the base and with correct fundamentals, to then be able to improve everything that in the short term makes the team decline.

We have to put into practice all the years of training, coordination of physical activities, rest and strategic situations to evolve on the playing field.

Practice the players' strengths, convert our advantage in a crushing method and our weaknesses, improve them until we master them. Methodology is a discipline that is not learned in a few days.


Learn new exercises, teaching styles, structuring of the sessions, will be the main points of the syllabus of the expert course in FOOTBALL METHODOLOGY.

For FutbolLab methodological treatment is of vital importance in the Soccer Clubs, equitable monitoring of all teams so that players learn significantly all concepts using new methodologies based on complexity that the game offers us. The key is how our players internalize the content, and that is why we are going to use play styles. maximum wealth for practitioners.

A guided subject so that we can learn in a clear but extensive way all the concepts of the new emerging methodologies in football.




Sports analysis



Soccer teaching style



Sports Learning Theories



Analytical and integrative training in teams.






This training program will be carried out taking into account the following points:

Virtual classroom: The courses are taught entirely online. They are carried out through our virtual campus which is accessed from the cover of our website,, through the button Access to the Virtual Classroom. From there you can access syllabi, explanatory presentations, demonstration videos, teacher analysis, and tasks that the teachers send and correct.

Tutors:The teachers offer continuous tutoring, establishing telephone and/or videoconference tutoring, explaining any doubts that may arise. They guide your training evolution throughout the course, depending on your profile and level of dedication or study schedule. As we have indicated, the syllabus, videos, articles, interviews with experts are part of your evolution in the course, so you will do periodic exercises that the teacher reviews to give you the clearest idea of ​​the topic being worked on.

Assessment: At the end of the course you will carry out a final project that will encompass all the areas studied and that will always involve the development of a real case, since at FutbolLab we want our courses to be directed at all times to the real training situation that the technicians find themselves in. their teams.

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Remind you that in this course you can go at your own pace and do it according to your availability, as long as you do not exceed the maximum time to do it, which in the case of master's degrees is 2 and a half years, 18 months for Expert or Technical courses and 7 months for courses that are not in these categories.

It is plenty of time to do it, if you still need more time, you must ask the admissions department for authorization to extend a time. If you get a positive response, the new agreed time will be automatically extended.

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This Expert Course is issued by the Florida Global University and has 36 ECTS Credits ( 900 teaching hours).


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