Backing exercise

As we always do in Futbollab, we constantly try to show new content so that the current and future coaches that follow us learn in the best possible way. And this time, we will talk about counterattack. But what is counterattack?

The counterattack is the attack starting from the defensive field and running frenetrate.

For that reason, so that you learn more about this aspect, in this article we will show you a Backing exercise so that you practice in your workouts.

Performance of the exercise

Initially, We divide one of the halves of the field in two parts. In one of the funds we will have the classic porter of the parties, while at the other fund we will place two small goals in the center of each of the two parts. In addition, they are formed two teams In which the attacker team will be formed by 8 players and the defensive team will be formed by 7.

The exercise begins when the attacker team begins its attack with the first pass from one of its players located in the central zone. Next, The attackers must reach the rival goal through passes without losing the ball.

If you lose the ball, the counter attack You can only continue through the area in which it has been lost (They will no longer be able to use the two zones).

What's more, If the Defender team recovers the ball, they will be able to mark in the goal corresponding to half the field in which they have recovered the ball.

Exercise rules

  • Exercise can start without touches and passes. But the ideal will be exercising with a limit of 3 touches per player and 6 passes To make the counterattack. (It depends on the quality of the players, we can increase or decrease the number).

  • After losing the ball, only players who are in that area can continue the exercise either attacking or defending. Players who are in the other area of ​​the countryside at the time of loss of the ball, will be out of the year.

Objective of the exercise

The Objective of the exercise is to raise awareness, both those who execute the counterattack and those who defend, that they must make their movements as quickly as possible.

And thanks to the operation and rules of the exercise, we will get to practice counterattack with a higher speed and verticality.

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