Tactical analysis

What is it?

It is the process of recognizing, registering and examining a party in detail with the aim of doing well an evaluation of the rival team that can be of the entire team, several players or individual.

The dynamics of the game consists of two phases the offensive and defensive phase, of which you can move from one to another through a transition, which depending on whether you have the ball or will not be defensive or offensive. These transitions are important when analyzing the rival's game form.

Defensive phase

It is the time when the team looks for the recovery of the ball without reaching a full defensive reorganization.

Types of Defenses

  • Presome defense: you will seek to attack the possessor of the ball, limiting its capacity for action.
  • Containment Defense will seek to slow down the rival start to establish a defensive structure
  • Combined defense: The team starts in two groups. The first one replicates by defense of containment and the other presses seeking recovery.

Offensive phase

It is the process of advancing towards widening and lengthen positions in the field, seeking to take advantage of the defensive imbalance at the beginning or standing for a positional attack if the conditions are not favorable.

  • Counterattack: It consists of getting as quickly as possible to the rival goal after recovery, trying to take advantage of the spaces generated after its offensive phase.
  • Combinative attack: Try to approach the rival goal gradually, clearly identifying the phases of start, creation and completion.
  • Direct attack: consists of the direct shipment of the balloon to the end zone when the equipment is organized defensively.

Analysis in attack

But for the analysis to simplify, the actions are going to be framed so that the counterattack will be analyzed in the defense-attack transition phase (offensive). The organized attack will be divided into the following phases:

  • Beginning
  • Creation
  • Ending

Analysis in defense

But for the analysis to simplify, the actions are going to be framed so that the defense counterattack will be analyzed at the attack-defense transition phase (defensive). The organized defense phase will be divided into

  • Defensive start.
  • Destruction of creation
  • Defense for goal

Used balloons.

This is a very important section to analyze, since many pieces of strategy are carried out in both attack and defense and you have to study the rival team well, to know how to manage them and defend them or attack them depending on the party's phase in which you are .


  • Zonal defense: This type of defense refers to each of the players who defend it by zones. That is, each player has as a priority to defend one or multiple areas of the field that have been assigned by the coach. To correctly execute this type of defense during the shares to the ball, it is essential that there is a lot of concentration, communication and synchronization with each and every one of the players.
  • Individual defense: As it indicates by name, the individual defense is that kind of defense in which each of our players is matched with a rival player. This defense is very effective, since we are making a marking to man and, therefore, rival players will be forced to have to overcome the duel against his defender to have opportunities to finish the play.


The ball stops at the offensive phase, you have to analyze them very well, because there is an infinity of strategies, and you have to analyze well the rival knowing what the most uses and when, so you are prepared when it comes to defending them and you can solve the situation more easily.

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