Exercises for base soccer training

To be a great coach, we must know many important aspects of the game, but it is also essential to know taking baseball training. Therefore, we bring you different exercises What are they ideal for base soccer training.

Exercise of guidance changes

In this exercise we will divide the field in Three zones. Within each one will be placed 2 offensive players and 1 defensive player.

Target: Make changes in guidance by making the ball pass by each of the areas and prevent the defenders from taking off the ball. Each time we get to make a change of orientation, we will get 1 point.

Speed ​​circuit exercise

On a piece of the field, we will form 6 zones Different to execute different exercises in each of these.

  • Zone 1: Race to the Sprint running a slalom.
  • Zone 2.: Support from both feet between spaces with acceleration.
  • Zone 3.: Race to the Sprint doing Zig-Zag.
  • Zone 4.: Race with increasing stride between spaces (1 support for space).
  • Zone 5.: Jumps with your feet together above the fences and acceleration.
  • Zone 6.: Stride with amplitude by introducing one leg in each hoop.

We will make a total of 2 turns to the circuit and we will make breaks of 30-40 seconds After performing an exercise (30 seconds of action).

Coordination exercise: Physical-technical circuit

We will make a one circuit that will be formed by 5 phases And players must be divided equitably for each of these. As the exercise progresses, players advance to the next phase.

  • Skipping with double support between spades.
  • Somersault
  • Jumps above the fences on my knees.
  • Driving from the ball in Slalom through the cones.
  • Darve action and fence jump.

Target: Perform combinations of balloon together with coordination actions.

Exercise for the incorporation of midfielder

We divide the field into 3 zones And we place 4 small goals in the backgrounds. In the central zone will be placed Two 4-player teams plus 2 wildcards. And in the area of ​​the goalie, 1 player of the attacker team will be placed.

Target: Maintain possession in the central zone after a total of 5 passes, subsequently supporting the player who is in the area of ​​the goalie for this return the ball and one of the midfielders attempts to mark a shot to small goals from outside of the area.

Superiority exercise 2 vs 1 and end band

We delimit a total of 3 pictures. Two small pictures on each side of the front of the area and a large picture inside the area. Within each picture there will be two attackers and one defender.

First First 2 vs 1 is played in a small picture and when the attackers of a total of 3 passes The ball goes off at the support midfielder that makes link between the two small frames. Next, the midfielder passes the ball on the other side and play the same as in the first. Once they get the Three passes, one of the attackers Band and put a center for them to attackers of the big picture Finish the play.

If the attackers get a goal, they defend them. If they do not get it, positions are rotated.

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