What do you consider most important in a centre-forward?

This player is located in the opponent's area, constantly looking for gaps and paying attention to the passes of his teammates to find a way to score a goal. He must have a great aim and have excellent reflexes, standing out in the air and in his powerful shot.

Despite the fact that football is a sport in which you play 11 against 11, the position of the striker is one of the most important due to his role in scoring goals, after all, matches are won by scoring more goals than the rival and in that case the good strikers are the ones who make the difference.

What is the role of the striker?

The center forward is the player who is further forward on the field of play, he is the player closest to the rival goal, therefore, he is the one who has the best chance of finishing the plays and scoring a goal. There are different striker profiles, but in the end what is sought from them is that they are capable of creating or finishing attacking plays.

Qualities of a good striker

Generally, it is often said that a good striker has a nose for goal. However, that term is perhaps not very precise to clearly and objectively define a series of qualities necessary in a good striker.

Good shot

The combination of power and aim is the key to converting a high percentage of chances into goals. That is probably the most important characteristic in a striker's position as as good as the other qualities are this is what makes the difference as a 9 has to be a great goalscorer.


Similarly, intelligence is a very valuable value, in the sense that they know how to read the game and thus find the weak points of the rival defense, thus being able to attack through those areas creating a greater number of dangerous actions.


This quality is very important, because it allows you to easily uncheck the back of the center-backs or unbalance them with changes of pace, to be left alone against the goalkeeper.


Obviously, as in any other position, forwards must be in good shape. In the case of the strikers, they must have strength and endure the clash, since they are measured against the center-backs, who are usually the strongest and most forceful players on the team. In addition to strength, they must have great explosiveness to be able to break away from the rival defense.

Some of the best center forwards in history

Ronaldo Nazario

The Phenomenon is considered one of the best players of all time. The Brazilian has been the best center forward in the history of football for many. Ronaldo won two World Cups with his team being the best.

Ferenc Puskas

He was the leader of the Hungarian team in the 1970s. This striker was able to score 709 goals in 720 official matches. A true center forward.

Gerd Muller

In 1972 the German striker scored 85 goals. In total, he exceeded 700 official goals throughout his career. The Torpedo Muller is a legend of German football and winner of a golden ball and golden boot.

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