Which is more efficient, the zonal defense or the individual defense in set pieces?

In a football game, there are usually a large number of set piece actions. Obviously, the main thing in this type of action is that at all costs we prevent the rival from scoring a goal. Therefore, to prevent the opponent from scoring a goal, we must defend the action in which tactically we can choose to defend against two different ways. defending in zone or with single marking.

And in this article, we will show you which is the most efficient defense in set pieces. Will it be more efficient? zonal defense wave individual?

Zonal defense

This type of defense refers to the fact that each of the players who defend do so by zones. That is, each player has as priority defend one or multiple areas of the field of play that have been assigned by the coach.

To correctly carry out this type of defense during set pieces, it is essential that there is a lot of concentration, communication and synchronization with each and every one of the players. Therefore, if we achieve the aforementioned, the rival players will have fewer opportunities to be able to shoot towards our goal since all our players will be occupying the space that corresponds to them and the defense will be very solid.

Is usually use when our players are not so good at individual marking or they easily overtake them either because they do not interpret the play well or do not correctly visualize the trajectory of the ball. For this reason, in this case, each player defends a specific zone and if the ball does not go to his zone, he does not intervene in the play.

Individual defense

As its name indicates, individual defense is that type of defense in which each of our players is paired with a rival player. This defense is very effective since we are doing a marking the man and therefore, the rival players will be forced to have to overcome the duel against their defender to have opportunities to finish the play.

This type of defense is ideal for players who do not lose sight of their marker and who, above all, are difficult to beat.

So which one is more efficient?

Given that we have already seen in the previous sections how each of these two defensive systems works in set pieces, now is the time to assess which is the most efficient.

Mainly, we must understand that one system is not better or more efficient than the other. We must understand that the most efficient system will be the one that best complements with the type of players we have on the field.

And what does this mean? It means that of the players we have on the field, according to their qualities, we will use one system or another. If the players we have on the field are great markers, the most efficient thing to do will be to use individual defense. While if the players we have are easily overcome by the rivals, it will be more efficient to use the zonal defense.

To know what defensive system we should use, the key is to know and know in detail all the players we have on the field.

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