What is the low block?

The low block is the Organization of players in the defensive aspect, in which each of the team players are retracted in a position very close to their own goal.

A clear Block example low, It is usually given when a clearly lower team faces a very higher team, such as, for example, League leader. Then, to prevent the leader from targeting a lot of goals, this lower equipment usually opts for a low bloc defensive system, in which all its players defend themselves in their own field, let the rival have the possession and focus Especially in defending your area with the aim of preventing the opponent's rival to goal.

What gives us the low block?

Now that we already know that it is the low block, we will see what this defensive system gives us when it comes to defending the opponent's attacks.

The application of the Block under our defensive system will bring us various strengths as they are:

  • Reduction of spaces between lines. Thanks to that all our players are more close together and closer to their own goal, that will cause spaces to be reduced considerably and therefore, the rival will have many difficulties in being able to attack players between defensive lines.

  • Reduction of spacious areas. All spaces in the bands or amplitude zones will also be very reduced because the set of players of the defensive team will be more solid.

  • Be very close to our goal. By applying this system, all our players are very close to the goal, and therefore, the rival is difficult to make combinations close to our area and be able to generate goal occasions.

Objectives of the Block Low

Obviously, the use of every system has a goal or set of these. And the set of objectives that the low block has are the following.

  • Get a defensive strength. The main objective is undoubtedly defending better and that it is more difficult for the rival to fit a goal in our goal

  • Get the intermediate spaces to be very reduced For the opponent to find situations of superiority players in interior areas.

How to counteract the low block of the rival team?

And to end with the article, since we now know what is the low block, which gives us and its main objectives to be fulfilled, we leave several key points of how to counteract the low block of the rival team.

  • Have amplitude and depth in the game. The team must play with the ball and make the big countryside so that the rival must defend more terrain.

  • Driving from the ball by the defenses. It is important that the defenses rise a bit driving the ball so that when some rival is approached to stop you, which are generated spaces between lines for colleagues.

  • Finish the plays from the middle distance. If the rival team is very concentrated in your area, we can take advantage for the long-distance shooters of the team to try to give surprise and be able to get the goal from a distance.

  • Have a high game rhythm. It is important that the balloon circulations are spacious and deep, but they should also be quick in order to be able to surprise the rival defense.

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