How to overcome situations of equality at the exit of the ball?

The ball out, is one of the most important and at the same time more complicated aspects for soccer players. It is extremely important to practice various balloon departure methods to overcome it and thus, be able to develop our game on the field.

For this reason, in this article, we show you an exercise prepared by one of our professors, Adrián Rodríguez, to overcome situations of equality during the exit of the ball.

Description of the exercise

The exercise in question, it is about making a party forming two teams of 11 players in a field that is divided into three zones: 2 playgrounds and 1 rating area.

We will make a party simulation of the rival team, performing a tall block pressure and an individual label.

The goal of the red team is not to let the white team exceed the pressure, steal the ball and quickly attack the plays. Meanwhile, the target of the white team is to interpret where spaces are located, overcoming the pressure, attacking said spaces and finally finishing the play.


  • Mandatory use of the concept of the third man.
  • Required to start exercise with the high sides with the aim of generating more space in the lateral rail.
  • Analysis of the type of pressure by which the sides will opt. That is, if they decide to maintain their position or otherwise, they will press.
  • The player who does the pivot function, must be constantly approaching the central defenses to form triangulations with them.
  • The interiors must constantly be lowering their height to overload the base during the ball out and thus discuss the rival pivots between whether they should jump into space or they must follow us. In case we follow us, we generate a situation of numerical superiority of players and we surpass the situation.

In the face of the interpretation of that space generated by the interiors, two options will emerge:

  1. The front center or the end will occupy that intervention space. If this player is harassed, there is a displacement with a direct trajectory to the rupture of extremes in breadth.
  2. The front center or the end will occupy that intervention space. If this player is not harassed, there is a displacement with downward trajectory about that player and from there, we attack the spaces.

Aspects to influence

  • Reduction of spaces.
  • Close pass lines.
  • Reduce distances between lines.
  • Readjust the positions constantly.
  • Have verticality.
  • Attack the spaces.

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