Importance of the goalkeeper in the development of the game

The goalkeeper is the most delayed player and one of those who has the most responsibility. This has as main function, to intercept protecting his goal, preventing the rival from scoring a goal.

No part or phase of the game is more important than another. They are all equally relevant, but if I had to highlight one above the others, this would be the start of the game in the initiation zone, that is, the ball coming out from the goalkeeper.

Current football

The way soccer is played has changed over the years. Now the way of playing is based more on the game of possession and trying to get the ball played from behind at the moment of starting the attack. That is why the figure of the goalkeeper has even greater importance, since he is in charge of starting the creation of the play.

Ball out

The goalkeeper in this situation of the game is a fundamental piece, because thanks to him we will be able to take advantage of superiority in the starting area, this will benefit us in the progress of the game and thus reach finishing areas or the rival area with more stability. From this player we are going to generate both positional and numerical advantages.

It is also important that in order to make a good ball exit from the goalkeeper, he must have a good game with his feet, in order to be able to make passes with precision, reducing errors and loss of the ball, since if this happens it would create a clear scoring chance for the rival team.

If he has these qualities, this will help us a lot when it comes to associating easily in case there is pressure from the rival, causing superiority, because he is the only player who is free of a mark.

Another aspect to take into account is the pressure of the rival, since if he puts pressure on us in a high block and makes it impossible for us to have a good association or a clear pass. In these cases, what we have to try is for the goalkeeper to look into the distance, analyzing the opponent's defensive disposition in order to find the space or the teammate free of the mark.

That is why the figure of the goalkeeper has become much more important over the years and is no longer only focused on the function of tackling balls.

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