Expert Personal Trainer Sports (Florida Global University)

Duration: 5 months Start: Immediate Open Squares Degree: Expert

You will have the opportunity to perform, voluntarily, your internships in different clubs in Barcelona.



You can pay with a single payment or in terms of 3, 6 or 12 months!

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He Personal trainer It has become a figure highly sought after by people who want to improve their physical activity and health. Therefore, there is a very high demand for qualified people in this sense that the labor market demands.

In this Personal Trainer in Sports course, we are looking for people who can give way to these continuous job offers with an innovative course, completely online and that seeks to provide the student with skills in this new profession.

The course not only seeks to obtain knowledge in planning, executing and evaluating training plans, it also seeks to obtain maximum motivation for sports practitioners to achieve the set objectives.

A completely online course that aims to train people who can optimally practice their profession.


Training Unit 1: Concepts of sport and health

Training Unit 2: The new profession of the personal trainer

Training Unit 3: Bone system

Training Unit 4: Introduction to philosophy

Training Unit 5: Energy and muscles.

Training Unit 6: Metabolism of people

Training Unit 7: Nutrition in sports practice

Training Unit 8: Nutrition plan in sports

Training Unit 9. Learning and its planning

Training Unit 10: Sports injury and illness in sports practice

Training Unit 11: First aid

Training Unit 12: Creation of a personal trainer business



This training program will be carried out taking into account the following points:

Virtual classroom:The courses are taught entirely online. They are carried out through our virtual campus which is accessed from the cover of our website,, through the button Access to the Virtual Classroom. From there you can access syllabi, explanatory presentations, demonstration videos, teacher analysis, and tasks that the teachers send and correct.

Tutors: The teachers offer continuous tutoring, establishing telephone and/or videoconference tutoring, explaining any doubts that may arise. They guide your training evolution throughout the course, depending on your profile and level of dedication or study schedule. As we have indicated, the syllabus, videos, articles, interviews with experts are part of your evolution in the course, so you will do periodic exercises that the teacher reviews to give you the clearest idea of ​​the topic being worked on.

Assessment: At the end of the course you will carry out a final project that will encompass all the areas studied and that will always involve the development of a real case, since at FutbolLab we want our courses to be directed at all times to the real training situation that the technicians find themselves in. their teams.

Registration process:Step by step video

To enroll, you just have to click on the Enroll tab, from there you will be asked to enter your personal data necessary for the academic record and in the final part of the process you will be able to choose the payment format for this program.

Remind you that in this course you can go at your own pace and do it according to your availability, as long as you do not exceed the maximum time to do it, which in the case of master's degrees is 2 and a half years, 18 months for Expert or Technical courses and 7 months for courses that are not in these categories.

It is plenty of time to do it, if you still need more time, you must ask the admissions department for authorization to extend a time. If you get a positive response, the new agreed time will be automatically extended.

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This CExpert course is issued by the Florida Global University and has 40 ECTS Credits ( 1000 Hours lessons).


This university expert can be taken by:

- Graduates/Graduates in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.

- Qualified trainers.

- Technicians with experience in football.

Accreditation of these requirements will be validated at the time of registration by the FUTBOLLAB admissions department.


Do you have any doubt? You can check our section frequent questions, download the Course program or fill out the following form and we will contact you.