Open position

The world of soccer is a sport that has a great variety of opinions and interpretation of the game, since not everyone has the same style and model of the game.

A clear example would be this:

The term "open position" almost means the opposite of "obvious position"; could be understood as "attitude", another as "body position". That is why it is important to clarify what purpose the open position has, starting from: “what” and “how”.

In order for it to be possible, the player must remain focused and intense, the principle of the open position is what he is looking for:

For example, in the case of a midfielder who asks for the ball between the center backs during play creation and receives the ball from the goalkeeper, and with the first touch. What the open position allows is not that you do not need to play first, since with the movement of the body he turns to observe the field, at this moment he finds new objectives and options in front of him.

However, it is important to recognize that such positioning does not serve the general purpose of the integral ability to perform well, because the value of a "position" always depends on the position of other players and opponents, on the game situation being played currently carried out and the plan that exists.

Example for your training:

The aim of the training should be to make the players aware of how important it is to always have an idea of the environment and draw the appropriate conclusions for positioning.

Structure: 4×2 in a rectangular field, which in turn has a small square in the center and a decagon adjacent to the front area (exterior area of the hexagon in which the square is located). The seemingly complex shape of the pitch is caused by the intention to avoid passing from inside a few meters, which would not be useful in this context, as a result of the decreasing importance of position, as passing angles would be reduced.

Rules: The game starts with a red player who plays from the lower edge of the field. The red player tries to get the red player in the central square to receive and play again with another player from outside (1 point) or with the one who started (2 points).

The blue team can earn points by stealing the ball (1 point) and then successfully passing to the other teammate (2 points). Also, the blue team can only enter the center square if a red player has touched a ball on it.

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