What do you consider most important in an interior?

In today's football, all the players in each position are vital to the team as they all provide various fundamental functions for the proper functioning of the team. But especially, in this article we will talk about team interiors. And for this reason, in this article, we will show you the most important aspects and qualities that the interiors of your team should have.

What is an inside?

The interior is that player who, on the left and right, escorts the midfielder. In football of all time, and even more so today, the different positions of the players in midfield largely define the profile of a team.

In addition, these players are usually referred to as the lung and the engine of the team and they usually carry the dorsal 8 and 10. They are located ahead of the midfielder and are the duo that is responsible for generating and distributing the team's game.

Tactical concepts that an interior must have

Now that we know what an interior is, we will now comment on the various technical qualities, behaviors and characteristics that this type of player should have. And these qualities are the following:

  • Good vision of the game.
  • Great perception when it comes to filtering the last pass or passes that are decisive for the completion of the play.
  • Entry on the second line.
  • Master the timing of the game, to speed it up or slow it down when it suits the team.
  • Good arrival to the finishing zone respecting the stability of the team.
  • Capable of pressuring the opponent's ball out.

But what is the most important?

In any case, in addition to the technical aspects mentioned in the previous section that are key for a player to be able to perform the function of being one of the team's inside players, the most important thing is that this player is aware and understand what their role is in the team and what functions they must carry out according to the style of play and according to the other functions carried out by the companions. That is, the inside must be able to how the game is working in the match and must be sBeing able to adapt their functions to the circumstances that the team needs.

And in conclusion, so that the player who plays the interior knows the functions he must perform and how to adapt to the game, it is essential that the coach knows perfectly the possible interior profiles in the team. The coach must know if the inside he is going to play is more technical, has a long way to go, etc.

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