The number 1 virtue of a coach, what should it be?

The coach is one of the most important figures of a team. And for the team to work perfectly, the coach must have certain virtues that are essential to be able to manage a team in the best way. And all those virtues are what differentiate a coach between mediocrity and greatness.

What virtues should a coach have?

The virtues that a coach must have are many, and some of these are the ones that we show below:

Know how to educate. The main function of the coach is to educate his players. Regardless of the age or category in which the players play, the coach must teach them values and knowledge to improve as players and above all as people.

To transmit. It is essential that the coach is a good communicator and that he knows how to transmit all his knowledge to the players. Since all knowledge is worth absolutely nothing if you do not know how to transmit it.

Analyze. Another key virtue is being a great analyzer. You must be able to observe and analyze all kinds of situations during training sessions and matches in order to gather as much information as possible.

Design. It is crucial that you are a good designer. In other words, they must be able to design specific training sessions or exercises for the preparation of the players.

To motivate. It is vital that the coach knows how to give talks to the players and knows how to manage them correctly in order to motivate the players to go out on the pitch as well prepared as possible.

Ambition. Another of the essential virtues that a coach must have is ambition. To be an ambitious person who is not satisfied with just winning the matches, but who constantly seeks to improve and wants to win all the titles.

Passion and desire. In order to show all these virtues and to be able to carry out all the functions that great coaches perform, it is necessary that the coach has a great passion for his work and for the world of football and that he has the desire to carry out his work on a daily basis.

And what is virtue number 1?

The number one virtue of a coach, in addition to all the virtues mentioned in the previous point, is undoubtedly that of convince before imposing. But what does this mean?
When we say that the most important virtue is to convince before imposing, we are referring to the fact that the coach must be clear that he must not impose certain rules or instructions on his players. Rather, what the coach should do is try to convince your players that using your systems and your ideas of how to run the game will be the best way to achieve success.

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