Tip #2 for Soccer Coaches

here you have our Second Tip for soccer coaches that seek to make you think about the work of the soccer coach, in this case about the importance of observation and scoring in matches.

At Tip 1 We talked to you about the importance of observation and annotation of the important aspects that happened in a football match.

Today we want to influence a little more on this.

There are many people who invest a lot of time in recording of matches, editing those videos, and create fantastic audiovisual presentations to show the players.

We are convinced that they do it with the best intentions and we are sure that they are looking for the best for their teams.

But today we want to focus on something even more important, and that is that it has always been said that information is power, and we have always given importance to real information.


Does having a LOT of information about the opponent really give us SOLUTIONS to apply?

Well, in many cases, no.

And I want to leave you some questions for you to ask yourself and look for an answer that will help you and your team.

How much information from which you extract gives REAL ADDED VALUE. To your players and teams?

Do you know how to extract what is really important for the efficiency of your team?

Has the time spent on your part collecting information, audiovisual layout been profitable and have you achieved improvement in the game, in the results or has it given you an advantage?

And to finish.

If we were observing patients with different symptoms every day, would that make us doctors?... Well, no

Our tip for today is...

Observe and extract data from what you observe, but… before you should know what you have to observe and above all what is going to give you REAL ADDED VALUE.

We'll continue tomorrow.

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