Tip # 1 for Soccer Coaches

It is certain that all opinions are good and we want to help soccer coachesWe do it from our own experience and that of our colleagues.

In this article we look for:

  • That you think about what you do every day as a coach.
  • In which you prioritize what is most important to your team and your players.
  • That finally you only work on what CONTRIBUTES your team.

A very direct and transparent analysis, to avoid and avoid certain tendencies of the soccer coaches to work too much in relation to the opposite.

We seek to make you think about the importance of what happens in the game in a real way.

And for this reason we want, for a week we want to convey to you the importance both in soccer schools and in the professional world of Soccer.

If you are here it is for YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS AREA.

So we want share these reflections.

Have you stopped to think about how vital training is to a Coach and how to improve a player, a team?

Today the collection of information in Audiovisual formats of matches, players, systems and movements it has become vital.

Any kind of annotation, information about situations that happen in a game can make well analyzed, well worked to get the most out of them can make the balance tip in a game.

Is about give added value to the technical staff so you can maximize strengths and minimize flaws.

This together with that we must work / Train to maximize and minimize the mistakes of the opponent can give us an advantage, which surely we can apply practically in the game.

And all part of the observation, but keep in mind something very important what you observe, you have to analyze it, you have to understand it and above all you have to put it into practice only when it can be positive for your team.

So today's advice is ...

Observe, analyze and DETERMINE what is important to put into practice, and what is important will be to MINIMIZE the characteristics of the opponent and grow those of your team and players.

Therefore, to DETERMINE what is important, you have to have the capacity to know what is IMPORTANT, and for that you need training and experience.

In short, see and observe what happens to from there decide what you are going to train your players.

If this aspect is so clear Why don't you work more?

What is your opinion?

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