The spearhead: analyzing the importance of the front line in modern football

The Front line In football it is one of the most important positions in the game. This line consists of front And he is in charge of Mark the goals for the team. The frontThey are the players who are more advanced in the field and that they have the Responsibility to create and take advantage of goal opportunities. In this article, we will talk about The front line in football, its different roles and how it can influence the final result of the game.

Roles on the front line

In the Front line, Each striker has a specific role to play. These roles can vary according to The training used by the team's team and skills. Next, some of the most common roles are described in the Front line:

Center front

He Center front is the player who It is located in the center of the front line. His main function is to score goals and create goal opportunities for the team. He Center front should havetechnical skillsto be able to manterior the ball and play back to the arch. You must also have Physical skills to win aerial duels and resist the challenges of rival defenders.

Second Punta striker

He Second Punta striker He is a player who It is located behind the center striker And that has the responsibility of Create goal opportunities for him and the rest of the team. This player must have technical skills and of game vision to be able to cRear goal opportunities and pass the ball with precision.


The extremes They are the players who They are located at the ends of the front line. Its main function is CRear goal opportunities for the bands and focus the ball so that the strikers can finish off. The extremes must be Fast, skilled and to have Good technique to be able to overcome rival defenders and focus the ball precisely.

Importance of the front line

The Front line It is extremely Important in football, since it is the one that has the responsibility of Mark the goals for the team. A equipment that Do not have an effective front line can have Difficulties to win games. On the other hand, a team with a effective front line can winning matches even if your defense is not so solid.

The Front line can also influence the Team strategy. For example, if the team has fast and skilled strikers, you can opt for Play counterattack to make the most of your skills. If the team has Strong and physical fronts, you can choose JUgar more direct and use the air game to score goals.

Tactical systems with front line

There is vAryan tactical systems that use the front line in different ways. Next, some of the most popular tactical systems that use the front line are presented:

3-4-3: This tactical system Use three strikers, a centrodlantero and two ends. The extremes have the task of Create goal opportunities and provide centers for centrodlantero. He centrodlanterero is responsible for Marking goals and is supported by the second striker.

4-3-3: This tactical system too Use three strikers, a centrodlantero and two ends. The extremes are responsible for create goal opportunities and provide centers for centrodlanterero, Meanwhile he centrodlanterero is responsible for Score goals. He Second striker supports the centrodlanteroand helps Create goal opportunities.

4-4-2: The tactical system 4-4-2 It is a balanced system that Use two strikers on the front line. In this system, Two strikers usually play together and work as a team to create goal opportunities.


The front line in football is one of the most important aspects of the game, since it is responsible for scoring goals and generating goal opportunities. HOh different types of front and game strategies which can be used to make the most of the players' skills and maximize the chances of team success. It is important that the strikers have good technique, mobility, completion capacity and game vision to be effective in the field. The choice of training and the style of play will depend on the characteristics of the players and the coach's strategy to achieve the objectives of the team in the field.

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