The art of bargain and speed: exploring the importance of the extreme in modern football

He extreme it's a Player who works in the front of the attack and plays for the band. This player It is key in the offensive game of a team, since your main task is Create goal opportunities For your team and Maintain possession of the ball on the pitch.

In it Modern football, the extremes They have great importance in it Team tactical system, and they are expected to be capable of Provide speed, technique and creativity to the attack.

Characteristics of one end

A Good end must have a series of characteristics that make it effective in their position. Some of these characteristics are:

  • Speed: The extremes They must be able to quickly move along the band to overcome rival defenders and reach the opposite goal.

  • Technical ability: The extremes They must be technically skilled, since they usuallyReceive the ball in small spaces and have to face nearby defenders.

  • Creativity: The extremes They must have the ability to improvise and create goal opportunities for your team.

  • Good game vision: The extremes They must have one Good vision of the game and be able to Read the rival defense to find spaces and opportunities.

  • Duito Capacity: The extremes They must have the ability to overcome rival defenders through dribbling and individual ability.

Functions of one end

The main functions of one end are create goal opportunities and maintain possession of the ball. Next, some of the most common tasks that a extreme Perform on the pitch:

  • Overflowing with the band: The extremes They usually have as main taskoverflow rival defenders for the band to reach the opposite goal.

  • Centers to the area: Once he extreme has surpassed his defenseA, your next task is Send a center to the area so that the strikers of your team can finish off goal.

  • Draft defenders: Theextremes They can also try overcome rival defenders through dribbling and individual ability.

  • Maintain the possession of the ball: The extremes They must also be able to maintain possession of the ball, either through passes or dribbles, to help your team maintain control of the game.

  • Participate in the counterattack: The extremes They can also be key in the counterattack of your team, taking advantage of his speed to quickly overcome rival defense and create goal opportunities.


Heextreme In football it is a key player in the team that has the responsibility of generate goal opportunities, participate in eThe attack, help in defense and score goals.It is important than the extremes have one Good technical skill, speed and a solid game vision to be effective in your role.

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