Tip # 7 for Soccer Coaches

At Previous Tip of the importance that had to analyze the contrary against which your team plays as to improve those same aspects in your own team.

We told you to dedicate all your analysis time to the opponent against whom you play two games a year to stop improving your players and teams in those same aspects that you analyzed from the contrary.

Once we assume that you have drawn your own conclusions on this aspect, we want to delve into other aspects of this soccer activity.

And that is what we should pay attention to when we observe the opponent or your own team.

It is evident that we should analyze the actions of the opponent that are more decisive and give more value, that on the one hand and on the other the defects that it has and how we can take advantage of it.

But .... What are the variables that give more advantage to the contrary?

What are the main defects of the adversary?

It is a capital question and here there could even be differences of opinion between different coaches.

But the question must be simpler.

What is the most determining factor and value on the contrary in the following aspects?

-Rival defense behavior

-Attack Rival Behavior

-Most decisive players

-Pressure zone

-Start of the game and ability of the players to carry them out.

-Players more prone to error

-Players minimize their virtues due to the importance of their presence in the game


-Actions on set pieces.


These and many others are important, but note that they are all collective….

AND EYE we must also look A LOT the individual issues of the opponent such as:

-% of dribbles to the same side of some players.

-Where he goes to get the ball.

-Where and how it creates spaces.

-Repetition of actions performed in a match.

-Do you usually do the same thing?

In this sense, we could add many more.

THEN, what should we look at?

And here we launch our Council Today

We must analyze what variables are the determinants and take those determining variables and work on them to minimize the opponent and his players.

We cannot work everything, therefore we work what generates danger of the adversary.

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