Tip 8 for Soccer Coaches

At previous tip we were talking about the importance of knowing which were the most decisive actions of the opposing team, those that contributed such a high value, that they were a danger to our team.

We gave you some of them, but we indicated that we should mainly only work with our players on those that could result in such an advantage over the opponent that they could generate danger or a goal.

This may seem very complicated, it is less so when in the game we can distinguish what makes the opponent reach our goal efficiently, or what is important that the opponent does to minimize our attacks, or what is important know about the actions that the opposing players usually perform.

It is evident that in this sense the formation of the coach is vital and VERY IMPORTANT.

And obviously, good coaches know how to perceive these actions and give us the Antidote so that they are not generated or generated by us.

That is the good and valued professional in coaches, professional scouts in soccer.

And in that there are not as many available, there is not as much as the professional teams need.

For this reason, at Futbol LAb we want to help you with a high-level training plan through which you can obtain that level, and obviously with the use of the latest technology applied to sport.

For this reason, we invite you to ask us for information on one of the most specialized programs that you can find on the market, studies endorsed by the Catholic University of Ávila that will give you a great difference compared to others, not only because of the knowledge, but the way of transmitting them, because of the use of technology and because we are experts, that is why our program is highly demanded.

So if you want to do an internship as a coach with us in Spain, with a personalized training plan and stays in football clubs in Barcelona, here you have all the information.


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If you prefer to have more information about the Official Coach Courses Level 1 Level 2 or Level 3 this is your link.

If you prefer to contact us, you can do so by email at admisions@futbollab.com, by phone at 34 93 438 60 00, via the web at www.futbollab.com or by WhatsApp at 34 622 78 65 21 or click here

All the best.

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