Tip # 4 for Soccer Coaches

In Council 3 we talked about the importance of observation and annotation of the important aspects that happened in a soccer game, but above all the time spent in observation, preparation, layout of information in audiovisual formats.

And the importance you gave to observing the opponent to the detriment of getting more value from your players and game system.

And today we want to influence more in this aspect.

With yesterday's reflection, we are not looking for you to stop giving importance to what the opposite does, it is undoubtedly very important information, what we wanted to convey to you is that it is of little use to have a lot of information about the opposite if not

We work it in our training, and if we do tasks that go directly to minimize the positive aspects of the opposite.

And we want you to be realistic, to be a person who analyzes the reality of this collection of information and the time invested in treating it.

But we also wanted to mention that we must not stop working on the aspects that are going to improve us, our players, our team.

And here comes a fundamental aspect of football, each week we play against a different team, with their way of playing, attacking, defending, dealing with set pieces and with a differentiated game system.

Do you think it is best to work each week in relation to the opposite?

Wouldn't it be better to observe, analyze what can improve your players and teams that play every week?

It is a matter of GIVE IN THE DIANA, a matter of logic, and here is our advice for today.

If all the time invested in moving to see and contrary, record it, edit the audiovisual material, create graphic presentations, etc.… .. you first invested in doing the same for your team. Don't you think that their improvement would multiply?

It is just an observation.

More tomorrow.

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