Tip # 5 for Soccer Coaches

Yesterday we talked to you about the importance of observing and noting the important aspects that happened in a soccer game in relation to the opposite and we gave special importance to working on those aspects first in the improvement of your team AND the importance that you gave to the observation of the opponent to the detriment of getting more value from your players and game system.

And today we want to influence more in this aspect.

If the time invested in analyzing and working on the opposite aspects is more than working on your own, surely you are incurring something that is capital.

Your opponent, plays against your team on the weekend and you do not hear from him again until the second round, that is, 20 weeks later, and it turns out that you have given a very high importance in working aspects to counteract it.

Have you stopped to think what your team could minimize its defects if you spent those hours that you have spent analyzing the opposite to draw conclusions about your players and game system?

That is the reality, there is a saying that defines very well what we want to say, Seeing the speck of dust in another's eye before in your own.

Well, let's think about it because it is vitally important.

Then…..Shouldn't we analyze the opposite? … .Of course we must, but without losing the horizon of improving our own team, it is a matter of realism and productivity of working hours.

I give an example if we spend 10 hours a week watching the opponent's game, recording it, viewing the images for the second time, drawing conclusions and presenting them in an audiovisual way to your players and that aspect we do every week.

If a league has 38 days, you will have dedicated an average of 380 hours just to see the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents.

What if we spent a large part of those hours analyzing our own players and teams?

Don't you think it would be more profitable?

It is a question of efficiency and you must have it in all the tasks you do in football.

So here is today's tip.

Observe, analyze and draw conclusions from the opponent, but always giving a much higher priority to performing these functions on your team, because this will multiply their performance week by week.

More tomorrow.

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