Tip # 6 for Soccer Coaches

Yesterday we were talking to you about the It was important to analyze the opponent against whom your team plays how to improve those same aspects in your own team.

We indicated that dedicating all your analysis time to the opponent against whom you play two games a year would make you stop improving your players and teams in those same aspects that you analyzed on the contrary.

In short, we made you think that you should give more importance to the analysis of your team than to the contrary, and we did it with arguments and also with simple mathematics.

You play two games a year against your opponent, but you play 38 games a year with your team and players …… ..Therefore …….

Should you prioritize the analysis aspects of your team over the importance you give to those of the opposing team?

The Answer is Clear ………… SIIIIIIIII.

By pure logic it is easier to improve what you see every day than what you see twice a year.

So where is the real balance in this regard?

Well, it is in logic.

And the logic is that you must decide how much time you dedicate to your team and you must decide which aspects of the real team analyzed give you ADDED VALUE and which can give you an advantage in the game.

And only those aspects will you work on the contrary, to dedicate the rest of the time to working for your team.

And we want you to reflect on it.

And here is today's Council.

It will always be easier for you to see defects and virtues of what you see every day, than of the things you see only from time to time, therefore… .your team you see it every day, dedicate time to its analysis to make it stronger both individually and collectively.

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