Factors that influence decision making in soccer

Decision making is a part essential in any sport, and football is no exception. Often, decisions taken in the field can determine the result of a party. As football has evolved over the years, so have done the factors that influence decision making.

Knowledge of the game

A solid understanding of the game is essential to make good decisions in football. The players and coaches who know the rules, tactics and The strategies of the game will have an advantage over those who do not. In addition, players who have a solid understanding of the technical and physical skills necessary to play football can make more informed decisions on how to address a specific situation.

Team tactics

The tactics that a team uses in the field too They can influence decision making. A team that plays counterattack, for example, may require players to make quick and precise decisions on how to exploit the spaces left by the opposite team. On the other hand, a team that focuses on the possession of the ball may require players to make slower and most careful decisions to keep the ball.


Effective communication is essential for decision making in football. Players who can clearly communicate with their teammates are more likely to make coordinated and effective decisions. Trainers can also help their players make decisions through communication of specific instructions and strategies.

Physical and mental condition

The physical and mental condition A player can also influence his decision making. Players who are fatigued or dehydrated can have difficulties in making precise decisions in the field. Similarly, players who are anxious or nervous can make impulsive or not informed decisions.

Individual ability

Individual ability A player can also influence his decision making. Players who have advanced technical skills can make more effective decisions in high pressure situations. On the other hand, players who lack technical skills may have difficulties in making precise decisions in high pressure situations.


The experience In football you can help players make informed decisions. Players who have played for a long time can have a deeper understanding of the game and can make more informed decisions in the field. In addition, experienced players can have a better understanding of how to address specific situations in the game.

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