How do supports work in soccer?

Do you know what supports are in football?

A support It is the action that a player performs in order to facilitate the action of the teammate who is in possession of the ball so that later he can do the action that best suits the team, giving him alternatives and favorable resolutions by carrying out movements and occupying different positions with the purpose of protecting or opening the way towards the realization of the goal.

The offensive start of the supports is done once the players are placed on the field in optimal conditions of receiving a pass from the possessor of the ball. The supports, therefore, are made by all the players and anywhere in the playing area, with the goalkeeper, being the least marked player on the team, the first to make them.

Once a player gets the ball, the other teammates have to approach or move away from your position, placing themselves in the areas free of opponents where they manage to receive the ball, opening up the range of options for their team.

Now, we can also uncheck supports, this depends on the presence of the adversary among our ranks, during the supports, which are considered permanent aids to the player who has the ball, the players who carry out said support are not in the crosshairs of the opposing team, not as much as the player who does have the ball, this allows him greater mobility along the field and with respect to the player with the ball (who may need help). We will call uncheck the moment in which a player without the ball dodges the defense and has free access to the player who has the ball.

When executing a support we must take into account several factors, such as:

  • The creation and use of free spaces.
  • Control of the ball regardless of where it is.
  • Positioning depending on the opponent and the ball.
  • Search of secure supports.
  • Positioning privileged.
  • Planning of the plays after receiving the ball.

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