Defensive systems

Within the field of play, the players are distributed within the field in 3 clear lines which are, the defense line, the midfield line and the attack line, the occupation of the players in these will depend on the game system used in each match and the phase of the game in which they are in, whether in defensive or offensive phase, since the occupation on the field of play will not be the same.

In addition, within each game system there are different ways to attack the rival and also to defend yourself against him, in this case we are going to focus on the defensive system that your team can use depending on the style of play of the team and its players.

What defensive systems are there?

High pressure

High pressure or pressure in advanced positioning is a type of defense that is based on preventing the opposing team from leaving with the ball played or playing it and immediately begins the pressure in the opposite field, near the rival goal, with the aim of stealing closest to the opponent's goal and look for a quick finish, or get the ball in the opposite field, and do all this in a very short period of time, to get possession of the ball as soon as possible.

Low block defense

The low block refers to the defensive form of a football team without the ball. Generally, this defense system consists of two lines of 4 (these can vary depending on the type of match, the result or the rival). With this type of defense, what is sought is to join the lines to reduce the rival's space at the time of attacking us, thus making it much more difficult for our area and above all denying them the option of ending up in our goal.

Which defensive system is better?

This choice will depend on the type of players you have in your team and the style of play you play. In the event that you have a more offensive team that is better at going on the attack, the defensive system that would work best would be high pressure, since with this you seek a quick recovery of the ball and close to the rival area, thus being able to finish the play.

In the event that your style of players are more defensive, the indicated defensive system would be the low block, because by having a greater number of players with defensive virtues, you will be able to close the spaces better, making the opponent with the ball have no options to create chances of danger in our goal.

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