The KEY qualities a coach needs

There is an irrefutable truth, the coaches are the ones who make the important decisions, therefore, let's see what are the qualities that we, as coaches, should develop in order to get our team to the podium and stay there.

Lead, don't be a boss

A trainer has to work with the team, not the team for the coach. It should be understood that this is one more part of the team. We must be aware of the responsibility that falls on our shoulders, we must be aware of everything that surrounds us and be able to handle any situation in order to obtain optimal results. In other words, we are who stands up to the team and for the team.

For the players to do what the coach proposes, it is always more advisable to convince, that is, to be persuasive, but we never recommend imposing. The player who plays under impositions, pressure, fear, etc. You can never give 100 percent.

The negative language, on the other hand, sometimes entails mental blocks. If a striker is told “how bad you are” every time he misses a goal and is reproached for this, it is very likely that he will end up creating a limiting barrier for himself. Probably, every time you go to shoot on goal, the first thought that appears in your mind is the figure of the coach telling you that you are going to miss the goal because it is very bad, etc... The result will surely be that will not score a goal. As a leader we have to take into account each individual and not each player as part of the team.

We can summarize this in a single sentence: "The difference between leader and boss lies in the fact that a boss is an imposed authority who uses his power to command others, while a leader is one who directs and motivate a teamor of people without imposing their own ideas.”

On the other hand, the factor of sincerity it's crucial. In a constructive way we have to correct the failures that we see. Sincerity is a value very important in people, since it is the ability not to miss the truth. Being a sincere person means not lying in any field. We must be able to "go with the truth head-on" in order to gain the trust of the members of our team towards us.

“Each teacher with his Booklet”

This popular saying means that everyone has a way of doing things, but in order to develop our own techniques we have to from a base, we cannot ignore the training methodologies, the formations, the rondos, warm-ups and everything that we are going to apply with our players so that top, evolve Y grow up at a technical-tactical level.

Having this basis we can correct behaviors potentially dangerous and detect bugs that may be stalling our players.

Awareness and communication

A coach must be aware, not only from training sessions and the field or future matches, but from everything that happens to our players, we must take into account their physical and mental health, as well as their state of mind, since they are very important factors that influence the time of the game. We must know what keys to press to motivate our players.

Here we can also include the communication. Not only do we have to know how to see what happen, but we must also be able convey what we want or expect of our players to fix complicated situations and get the message across that we want to convey, which will provide us with good communication skills. Remember what we said in our previous blogs:

“A good team will have many victories, but a properly motivated team will be successful. The success of our team depends not only on hard work but also on good motivation from the coach.”

Let's see what he has to say our star coach about this theme:

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