How to carry out a correct observational analysis of the Goal?

The objective of football is to score a goal. Knowing everything involved in the processes that lead us to have the advantage on the scoreboard, the procedure after recovering the ball and how to act depending on where it is recovered, is the key of the goal, since it will allow us to detect how to attack next and what is the most effective defensive format to organize the defense.

These aspects constitute an important basis for training. tactical of the teams, since a coach or a physical trainer can take it into account and use it in the preparation of the training tasks.

Now, when it comes time to make a systemic analysis of the goals, the variables must be taken into account situational (place of the match, momentary score, opponent's level, minute, etc.) and factors technical-tactical (area and form of loss, duration of the move, type of attack, number of passes, etc.) given the impact of both on performance. Observational analysis (AO), therefore, is our star tool for this.

To perform this analysis, we use the observational methodology, based on the perceptivity of behavior, used to be able to elaborate tailored observation instruments (graphs, evaluation tables, information collection tables, etc...).

This scientific approach applied to sports science proposes the quantification of spontaneous behavior in vivo, allowing the analysis of behaviors in natural environments by extracting behaviors in typical game situations. Therefore, the observational analysis (AO) It has been consolidated due to its potential, and it has been widely used in football in recent years.

So what is the AO for?

The AO methodology allows us to respond to very diverse objectives:

  • Objectively assess the effectiveness of training plans within the competition situation.
  • Create training situations in the search for competitive efficiency.
  • Quantitatively and qualitatively control the technical and tactical errors of both the players as individuals, or of these as members of a group.
  • Assess the effectiveness of different tactical approaches.

When we talk about analyze a game to draw something that can help us better understand this to be able to work more at the end of training, it does not present the percentage of possession of the ball, these data are not informative on tactics and strategies used by the teams.

Nor does it indicate the number of shots on goal, if these are not accompanied by other information, such as, for example, that the number of passes made until the shot is made from where the game began, if it occurs after a ball recovery or by a game between footballers.

Knowing that the main objective is the goal and that the procedures that lead to it can be of great importance in the tactical training of our teams, an observation instrument is proposed to analyze how they are produced, identify the best ways to generate and score goals. improving the offensive phase.

So, what method will we use to Analyze the goals?

If you want to carry out an observational analysis of the goal in soccer, you have to observe the participants directly from the competition from the direct capture of perceptible information.

For this observational analysis of the soccer goal, the help of a recording made by the scouting team is needed. As we have discussed in our previous post, scouting is an anglicism, it comes from the word scout which means explorer. Extrapolated to the world of soccer, we can take her as someone who explores the plays and the players. This is a definition that we have to be clear about if we want to dedicate ourselves to scouting, to proceed to an analysis and registration of organized information.

What tools will we use?

We will use boards where the analysis criteria will be specified and we will be able to take the pertinent notes to analyze what happened. In order to be able to take the notes with greater precision, we will divide the playing field into zones, each of these zones has a code that we will use, as illustrated below.

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