Drill Football coach Completion on goal

This exercise for soccer coaches seeks to work on finishing on goal, taking into account the supports, and always the permanent help to the ball holder.

Exercise for Physical Component Trainers 2v1 + 2v2

OBJECTIVES: Work on the conditional aspect of the player.

Coach and player communication

The ways of training and communicating with the players have been evolving. The search for maximum sports performance has banished methods in which players were treated like robots, for others in which they are given freedom of action, in which decision-making and the development of intelligence are encouraged.

Model "Cholo" Simeone. A working model in football

“El Cholo” Simeone has become in his own right one of the great coaches in his history and he has done it fairly and with all due merit. He will surely end his rojiblanco journey as one of the most successful. I think there is no doubt about it.